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Sanitary Napkin For Girls

Sanitary Napkin For Girls

Sanitary Napkin for Girls


ItemUltra Thin with Wings #1743
FoldingTri-folded,individually wrapped
Whole Weight +/-0.5g6.1
Whole Length +/-5mm240
Whole Width +/-3mm155
Core Length +/-3mm210
Core Width +/-3mm75
Absorbency Capacity +/-20g130
Absorbency Rate +/-225
AppearanceSingle Wing

Main Raw Materials:

Material NameFeature
TopsheetPerforated Nonwoven
CoreAirlaid Paper
Absorbency Compound Paper

WrapperPE film
BacksheetPE film
Silicone Paperon wings
Silicone Paperon backsheet
Contruction Glue
Position Glue


10's per poly bag, 30's per outer carton printed with customer private label;or as per customer requirements. 

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