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Sanitary Towels With Wings

Sanitary Towels With Wings

Sanitary Towels With Wings

Features & Benefits:

Soft cotton breathable cover for extra comfort;

Side channels help prevent leakage;

Adhesive tapes keep the pad in position;

Flexible wings for extra security.

 Main Materials:


  * 1st Layer: Non-woven

  * 2nd Layer: Tissue paper

  * 3rd Layer: Fluff pulp with SAP/GEL

  * 4th Layer: Tissue paper

  * 5th Layer: Polypropylene film

  * Silicone release paper

  * Individual PE wrapper

Our services:

*We can adapt our polybags (inner packing) to buyer's design. We can also arrange production as per buyers design to meet the needs of the buyer's market and the requirements of their customers, but there will be extra charge of printing cylinders incurred, which will be borne by the buyer.

*Style, color, size, weight, material and packing can be customized as per your requirements. OEM & ODM services are available.

*We can send samples of our products for examination and evaluation.

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