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Breast Pads Disposable

Product Details: Materials: Nonwoven Fabric, Fluff Pulp, SAP, Tissue, PE film, Hotmelt Adhesive, Elastic, Silicon Paper Type: Disposable Origin: Fujian , China Brand Name: Private Label / OEM Model Number: DBP01 Product Name: breast pads disposable Diameter of Breast Pads: 115x125mm Weight:...

Breast Pads Disposable

Product Specs:

  • Materials:                        Nonwoven Fabric, Fluff Pulp, SAP, Tissue, PE film, Hotmelt Adhesive,                                          Elastic, Silicon Paper 

  • Type:                               Disposable

  • Origin:                              Fujian, China

  • Brand Name:                    Private Label / OEM

  • Model Number:                DBP01

  • Product Name:                 breast pads disposable

  • Diameter of Breast Pads: 115x125mm

  • Weight:                             3g(+/-0.5)

  • Absorbing Capacity:         100ml

  • Thickness:                        Ultra Thin

  • SAP:                                 1g / Sumitomo (Japan)

  • Fluff Pulp:                         Golden Isle (USA)

  • Non-woven Fabric:           super soft

  • Glue:                                 Henkel (Germany)

Expiry: 3 years.

Material composition: 

non woven, SAP, fluff pulp, PE backsheet, absorbent paper, hotmelt adhesive. 


- Please keep the nipples clean and change the breast pads timely. 

- It's recommended to change the breast pads right after each feeding.

- Discontinue use if skin discomfort occurs during use.

- Be sure to clean your hands and clean nipples and breast surroundings with warm water or cleaning cotton before feeding your baby.

- If you inadvertently wash the breast pads and other clothes together, the super absorbent polymer absorbs the liquid and then becomes jelly and out. Once this happens, you can dry the jelly and brush it away.


standard packing 100s in printed boxes with customer logo, or as per customer requirements. 

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