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When Should You Change Sanitary Napkins
Jul 18, 2018

When should you change sanitary napkins

The frequency of changing sanitary napkins is not a matter of time, but is determined by the volume of the menstrual flow. Studies have shown that sanitary napkins that are not changed within two hours, plus the moist environment could make a large number of bacteria. Therefore, sanitary napkins and panty liners must be changed frequently even during light flow days. 

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In heavy flow days, they can be changed in every two to three hours. In light flow days, they can be changed in half a day.  Panty liners can be used in the last day or last two days of your menstruation. It also depends on how active you are during your menstruation. If you do a lot of sports, you'd better change your sanitary napkins more frequently. 

Tips of using/changing sanitary napkins: 

1- Remember to clean your genitalia every day during menstruation.

2- Wash your hands before you use a sanitary napkin or panty liner, make sure that no germs will be spread onto the pads. 

3- Women with sensitive skin are suggested to use pure cotton sanitary napkins and panty liners. 

4- Try to wear pure cotton underwear and change your underwear every day.