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What To Know About Wearing Adult Diapers
Jul 18, 2018

What to know about wearing adult diapers

Due to the special use of adult diapers, attention should be paid to the following items in the use and purchase of adult diapers.

- The adult diaper must be suitable for the body of the user. Especially the elastic slot of the leg and waist can not be too tight, otherwise it will hurt the skin. The sizes of adult diapers are not always the same and they may vary according to different brands and markets.  It is recommended to refer to the size chart marked on the packaging.

- Leakage prevention design can prevent extravasation of urine. 

- The adhesive function must be good. When using the tapes, they can stick strongly to the diaper, and still be refastenable after being used many times.  The tapes will not loose or fall off even if the patient changes his body position on the wheelchair.