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What Kind Of Defense Is Used To Defend The Safety Line Of A Baby Diaper?
Oct 25, 2018

In 2017, the Tianjin Consumers Association commissioned a textile and diaper test in Tianjin to conduct a comparative test of infant diapers. It was found that 34 well-known diaper brands were found to have excessive formaldehyde content. The incident once caused public opinion denial in the society. Although the final result proved that the staff used the standard test method of woven fabrics incorrectly, resulting in a high proportion of errors, the incident still shocked the public with a cold sweat, which triggered the safety of the babies for diapers. Worry about the problem.

In China, in a family with a baby, it takes about 6 to 7 pieces of diapers every day, and the monthly consumption is about 200 pieces. That is to say, it is a diaper alone, and a family needs to spend about 400 yuan. For ordinary families, this is already a big expense. However, after the fight for a low-priced purchase boom, many treasure mothers said that there is still a consumption upgrade for the birth of a child, in order to buy baby products for the baby is simply tight. Not to mention the diaper, the low-cost diaper baby grows up with the use of it, as long as there is no problem, it will not worry so much.

In fact, the safety of diapers directly affects your baby's health. Taking formaldehyde as an example, if the formaldehyde content of the diaper exceeds the standard, it will harm the baby's eye and upper respiratory tract mucosa, and cause respiratory inflammation through human breathing. The direct contact of the skin will produce a stimulating effect, causing allergic dermatitis. This will be a great threat to the baby. In order to solve the consumer trust, to ensure that the baby uses green and safe diapers, the objective data detection report provided by some authoritative testing institutions is particularly important.

High-quality products convey the voice of the users and naturally win the approval of users. In the recent stage, many diaper brands 澎湃 baby Red Sea market, the discussion about the negative “chain effect” caused by the rising price of raw materials for diapers is also on the rise. Some dealers said that rising raw material prices will reduce profit margins, thus cultivating hotbeds for counterfeit goods. Therefore, in the future, whether as a mother who is hard-working with a baby, or a manager who seeks profits in the cracks, there is a serious social problem that will once again be placed in front of them: that is, the safety of diaper products that are often talked about. In front of the interests, fakes are difficult to prevent, I hope more quality brands can stand up and defend the security line.

Responsible for each baby's PP, responsible for each piece of diaper, give the baby a warm childhood, a diaper, can do, in fact, there are many.