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United States Models Suffered Amputations Were Using Tampons
Jul 07, 2016

Recently, the 28 year old blonde beauty Lauren Wasser suddenly caught the attention of everyone, because the brutal amputation of beautiful young models. More surprising is that amputation was because they used a pack of tampons cause toxic shock.

According to the United States Administration statistics, no high chance tampons cause toxic shock syndrome, but such cases are sporadic. So the product packaging will prompt 4-8 hours must be replaced. Lauren was on the day of the incident to "great aunt", she bought a pack of tampons, and replaced according to the instruction, but low probability and things happened. Virulence after her shock body, although some rescue saved her life, but to lose one of her legs ... ...

Tampon having strong role of absorbing menstrual blood, used tampon into the vagina, especially during summer dress, actions or movements are more convenient. And now it is not very popular in China, tampons are not suitable as Natasha are without experience, girl hymen is still intact, easily lead to fatal toxic shock syndrome.

In addition, the amount of menstrual women try not to use tampons, tampon blocked vagina full of blood, the blood can't smooth out. Once the back back into the uterine cavity, can also cause poisoning in the body. Excessive menstrual flow, should be timely treatment, and treatment, rather than relying solely on sanitary napkins to solve the problem.

Also, health towel of store also is has about, like I reception of many patients are long-term will health towel put in bathroom, but such is easy damp, and breeding bacteria, should select dry, and clean of place store, and don't cheap, store had long of health towel should without hesitation to throw, as don't purchase Mall discount promotions of health towel, away from production date more near quality only more has guarantee. Is best to wash your hands before each use.