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United States California Will End Tax On Sanitary Napkins
Jul 07, 2016

Women need extra 10% taxes

Recently, the exemption of "sanitary napkin tax" calls. United States established the Metropolitan Magazine Web site has a collection of more than 43,000 signatures. Meanwhile, petition against the European Union on the same issue had been supported in more than 300,000 people.

Last year, Canada Government is under pressure to give up levying tax on sanitary napkins. Last December, France's legislature has complied with the call.

Abolishing tax wise

Youtube-English gelide·niersen this month interviewed United States President Barack Obama, said: "all I know, nobody would think that monthly periods are a luxury. "Obama shares her views and said this tax from don't know. "I think that levied on those living in the ' sanitary napkin tax ' for women in State, repealing the tax is very wise. ”

Today, only 5 States tax exemption from sanitary napkins/tampons: Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Taxes in other States, while women buy sanitary napkins/tampons, to pay more for 10% tax.

California Garcia said, she hoped that one day all women's necessities can be free. At present, similar to California, New York and Ohio are considering with the "abolition of the tax on sanitary napkin".