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The Market Of Household Paper In Brazil Continues To Grow
Jan 09, 2018

According to data released by Ou Rui information consulting company, the scale of Brazil household paper market occupies 35% of the total scale of Latin America, followed by Mexico and Argentina. At present, although Brazil is troubled by financial problems, it is still one of the main markets for the use of household paper in the world.


At the International Exhibition of Paper Industry held in St Paul Brazil from May 31, 2017 to Jun 2, 2017, experts said that the development of Brazil paper industry has been exceeding the growth of their GDP since 1950s. Between 2010 and 2016, the growth rate of GDP in Brazil was 1.3%, but the growth rate of household paper production was up to 6%.


Ou pointed out that the scale of the domestic household paper market in Brazil will increase by 3% annually before 2020, and the market scale will increase from 2 billion 300 million US dollars to 3 billion dollars. In addition, the market scale of toilet paper in Brazil occupies 86% of the total market scale of household paper which is 2 billion 300 million US dollars. 

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