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Suitability Of Paper Towels And Wipes
Jul 07, 2016

As people's focus on health, sanitation, more and more people have the habit of carrying tissue. Dirty hands, draw a; after dinner, draw a eye lost, draw a picture, especially when eating in restaurants, hotels, paper towels, but one after another. Eliminating the need for rinse, wipe a lot of time. However, but called "allergic conjunctivitis" disease, but threatened the eye health of the paper.

Many in admissions in patients with allergic conjunctivitis, the ophthalmologist, discovered one thing in common: a lot of people sick with a paper towel or wet wipes to wipe the eyes! And, continues to use a tissue during treatment of patients with conjunctivitis, significantly longer duration! White paper towels smelled pleasant light fragrance, clean and considerate as it seems, it really will become the eyes of "Killing Me Softly"?

In fact, it is residual flavors on a paper towel, bleach and tiny paper fibers and chemicals such as wipes, disinfectant, lead to ocular allergic reaction!

Eye itching all types of common symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, in order to reduce the occurrence of such diseases, life should avoid "white paper towel" this gentle "killer" eye contact in this sensitive area. Notice cleaning and hand towels, towels must often boiled or disinfected on a regular basis in the microwave oven.