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Spunlace Makers To Raise Prices
Oct 10, 2018

Spunlace Makers to Raise Prices

Two of the world's largest makers of spunlace nonwovens have announced global price increases.

Citing rising raw material, freight and utility prices—some of which have gone up as much as 40% this year—Suominen will implement global price increases, effective October 1. The price increases will vary depending by product and region but will apply to all Suominen products. 

“Our industry is living through an unusual time period when standard approaches are not applicable,” says Tapio Engström, president and CEO (interim) of Suominen. “We remain committed to delivering outstanding quality and service to our customers globally.”

Jacob Holm announced this week it will increase prices on all of its products. The level of this increase will depend on the composition and formulation of the finished product. Like Suominen, Jacob Holm is attributing rising raw material prices as well as increases in packaging, utilities and freight costs to the increase, adding that the forecast  for 2018 mandates that it adapt pricing to continue providing the level of quality and service customers deserve and have come to expect. The company pledges to persist in efforts to secure competitive pricing and limit further increases.