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Sanitary Napkins Was Also Fraud
Jul 07, 2016

Recently, the linyi Liu suffered the embarrassing thing: bought a packet of sanitary towels from the commodity market emergency, causing discomfort and home comparison, found sanitary towels she had bought turned out to be counterfeit products.

However, she did not because the counterfeit products worth little overlooked, she picked up the phone and called the police, not only, it really helps the police knocked a counterfeiting dens.

Think of sanitary napkins was also false

In early May, she met many women encounter when running errands embarrassing things, Liu then hastened to linyi city, not far from commodity markets to buy a package of "seven dimensions" sanitary napkins.

Unexpectedly run out in 3 pieces and then suddenly felt uncomfortable after a hospital examination LAU in some minor inflammation. "I am very aware of health, is unlikely to happen. This makes me think of buying before the prices cheaper ' seven-dimensional ' sanitary napkins. "Liu recalled, due home from the supermarket to buy back unused with the brand of sanitary napkins, she hurried out to compare.

"Packaging is essentially the same, is the manufacturing date code is a little different. "Liu said by comparison, difference more apparent between them, thick sanitary pads in the commodities markets to buy back, and chip seal is not good. From the supermarket to buy back "the seven dimensions" each piece of uniform thickness, the blue marks are clearly printed on the seal, seal tight. After tearing the packaging and small business markets buy sanitary napkins have a hint not to taste, and supermarket to buy sanitary towels without any flavor.

Subsequently, Liu reflected this situation to the Public Security Bureau.