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Pads Also Have Life Time
Jul 07, 2016

We generally buy sanitary napkins will go to the supermarket to buy, supermarkets should be "fresh", at least not fake. Sanitary napkins have a shelf life, buy sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins if you happen to see production and description, sanitary napkins that things must be clean, or it will harm themselves.

Buy sanitary napkins first "health index"

When women buy sanitary napkins, the principle of aseptic health must, read the instructions for the purchase of sanitary napkin production, use, and understand their control of health indicators to facilitate the safe and clean. Don't arrest a brand while ignoring the health indices. In addition, you must have "qualified" signs, such sanitary napkins may rest assured purchase.

Storage of sanitary napkins have exquisite

Pads needed to be stored in a dry, sterile environment, and has a certain validity. If the storage of sanitary napkins damp or too long, even if it is not opened will be deterioration or contamination. General sanitary napkins for non-woven cloth, fiber materials, humidity material deterioration, bacteria easily invade and reproduction; sanitary napkins is using high temperature sterilization methods and achieve a sterile, disposable sterilization validity period is limited, and time there would be no guarantee of sterility. Therefore, when you use a sanitary napkin, pay attention to valid, one-time purchases not too much, not to mention the family hide. After unpacking the sanitary napkins should be placed in a dry, clean, sterile environment, damp and should not be used after the expiration.