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Molfix Becomes The Leading Brand Of Nigeria Baby Diaper Market
Aug 17, 2018

Molfix becomes the leading brand of Nigeria Baby Diaper Market.

According to Nielsen's statistics, two years after entering Nigeria, Molfix's baby diapers occupied 44.3% of the market share and dominated the Nigerian baby diapers market. P&G's Pampers account for 37.3% of the market, while other brands share the remaining 18.4%.

The Molfix brand, which entered the Nigerian market two years ago and was expected to have a 30% share in the Nigerian market within three years, has now exceeded its planned target.

Molfix diapers are manufactured by Hayat Kimya, a Turkish-based company that is a major producer of home care and hygiene products and is considered the fifth largest diaper producer in the world. The company has factories in Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Iran, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia.