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Japan Launches Decontamination Wipes
Aug 17, 2018

Japan launches decontamination wet wipes

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, a famous Japanese brand, has developed an emergency clothing decontamination artifact - Portable clothing emergency decontamination wet wipes for local cleaning and efficient removal of all kinds of stains. It's portable and convenient.

De-staining wet towels are made of high-tech active ingredients, which allow stains to be quickly removed by means of decomposition and transfer without damaging the clothing itself (suitable for cotton, wool, polyester and other fabrics, not suitable for fading, silk, rayon and other fabrics), and it has a special targeted way to treat small areas of stains instead of cleaning the whole clothing. 

The use method is quick and simple. Just wipe the dirt with a paper towel, then press the wet towel on the dirt to release the solution, gently rub the dirt area covered by the solution, then the stained clothes will become as white as new.