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It’s Too Late To Give Your Child A “quit” Diaper. Exceeding This Age Will Affect Development.
Oct 25, 2018

Although diapers are very convenient to use, they also have time to "limit". I found that some parents are lazy, the children are three or four years old, and they wear diapers every day. This is a very incorrect approach. For children, if they are still wearing diapers at a certain age, they will have many drawbacks to the body.

The correct time to "quit" the diaper: 2~3 years old, beyond this age, it will cause these disadvantages to the child...

1. Defecate at any time to develop bad habits

When the child is two years old, he already has a sense of defecation. At this time, parents need to be guided. If the parents are too lazy to guide the child properly, then the child will develop a habit of defecation at any time, which is very detrimental to the child's bladder function and anal sphincter function. At the right age, consciously train the child, the child's ability to control the bowel movement will become stronger and stronger. If you don't train your child, your child's self-consciousness will become weaker and weaker, so that children can develop very bad habits. No matter where they go, they may give you a "bomb."

2, affecting the development of leg bones

Some people have said that wearing diapers for a long time will make children grow into "O" legs. In fact, this is a wrong understanding, because the formation of the "O" leg is not directly related to whether or not to wear a diaper. However, if you don't wear diapers for your child, that is, from the birth of your baby, or even to a four-year-old child wearing a diaper, it will definitely affect the bone development of your child's legs. Because the child will urinate after urinating, the diaper will be in the state of expansion, long-term sandwich between the baby's legs, the bone development will definitely have a bad effect.

3, easy to get diaper rash

Everyone knows that diaper rash is that the baby's ass is in a warm, humid, airtight environment for a long time, causing redness of the skin. In severe cases, it will peel off, and even secondary infection will make the child very painful. In order to alleviate the child's suffering, at the appropriate age, the child must be "quitped" diapers. The child's skin is relatively tender, parents must take care of the heart, otherwise the baby will not speak, can only bear silently.

Why choose to quit diapers between 2 and 3 years old?

The baby before the age of two has not had a good expressive ability. Even if she has a sense of defecation, she does not know how to express it with her parents. After the age of two, most babies can clearly express their thoughts about defecation in words or actions. Three years old is a mature sign for children. Because three-year-old children need to go to kindergarten, they must give their children a quit diaper before the age of three. You can't let your child wear diapers to go to kindergarten.