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India Toilet Paper, Sanitary Napkins Market Is About To Take Off
Jul 07, 2016

SINA stock 12th Beijing time India who may be experiencing a whole new round of "potty training": toilet paper, diapers, sanitary napkins, and so on in Asia's third largest economy is always just on the shelves in the supermarket will soon be swept away.

Market research firm Euromonitor (Euromonitor) estimates that between now and 2020, India paper towels and hygiene products market will grow by an annual average of 76%. Eventually, the market from the current 57.8 billion rupees (US $ 870 million) grew to more than 100 billion rupees (US $ 1.5 billion).

So-called health supplies, including cotton swabs, disposable diapers, wipes and a variety of cleaning supplies and paper towels included kitchen paper, tissue paper, toilet paper, etc.

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Euromonitor notes that attributed this strong growth was mainly the rural consumers ' disposable income, began to pursue a more comfortable and convenient lives.

Euromonitor research analyst wadehan (Vishnu Vardhan) described in the report: "initially, is the alternative institutions such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals using tissue paper products, to provide convenience for customers, patients, and their own employees. This encourages the family and allow them to start buying these products for everyday use. ”

"In addition, the village of tissue and hygiene products sales are expected to grow. Related industry will focus on these areas, offering consumers can afford, easy to use product. ”