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I Heard That Wearing A Diaper Will Have An O Leg? I Was Shocked
Oct 25, 2018

Today Let's talk about the baby's "O" leg, which is often said to be the real reason for the formation of the leg!

1. Calcium deficiency or vitamin D

Insufficient calcium or vitamin D is the main cause of the baby's "O" leg (vitamin D promotes calcium absorption). 90% of the body's calcium is in bones or teeth. When the child is deficient in calcium or vitamin D, it is prone to calcium or phosphorus metabolism disorder or bone-like tissue calcification disorder (bone softening). After the baby learns to walk, due to gravity The bones can't support the weight of the whole body. This is easy to happen over time. Therefore, remember to add cod liver oil/vitamin AD after 15 days of birth.

2. "Genetics"

The term "genetic" as used here mainly refers to the mutual influence of eating habits, such as the mother's lack of calcium during pregnancy, the fact that the family diet rarely eats calcium-rich foods, overcooking, and does not like to go out to sun. These habits will affect the body's calcium. Absorption.

3. Living habits or standing too early

For example, the love of sitting cross-legged, squatting, walking in a wrong posture, and the behavior of the day after tomorrow will also have an impact on the child's leg type. Children of Xiaoyue age should not teach it to walk too early. Generally, they begin to learn to walk around 7-9 months, and at the latest until 3 years old.

Some children will have a physiological "O-leg" before the age of 2, which is caused by the posture of the fetus being wrapped in the mother's stomach and the situation that the child is not burdened after the birth. It is normal. It will disappear after the age.