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How To Dispose Sanitary Pads
Jul 20, 2018

How to dispose sanitary pads

What should be done after your sanitary pads are used? Can you drop them directly into the toilet?

Of course not! The used sanitary pads can not be thrown into the toilet, otherwise it will cause the toilet to be blocked. They should be thrown into the trash can. 

These are the steps that you should follow: 

❶If the sanitary pad is with wings, please first pull the wings off your underpants and then remove the pad. 


❷Wrap the side with menstrual blood inward, fold the wings inward. 

step 2.png

❸Wrap the used pad into a disposale bag or the wrapping material of the new pad to be changed, then roll it up. 

step 3.png

❹Dispose the used sanitary pad in the trash can. Do not dispose it in the toilet. Do not flush. 

step 4.png