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How Many Maternity Pads Do You Need
Aug 01, 2018

how many maternity pads do you need

Maternity pads can be divided into different types according to the structures and absorbencies, fabrics, etc.  So how many maternity pads you need is acturally related to what type of maternity pads you use. 


In the first three days after delivery, lochia is the most. During this period it's better to use maternity pads with maximum absorbency and protection, such as our following items:

Quantity to prepare: approx. 15 pcs (5 pcs per days). 

After the first three days, lochia gradually decreases in the following 7 days. Then you can start using maternity pads with medium absorbency such as our following items:

During this period you can also try maternity pads with wings. They usually fit your body better and make your movement more freely. 

Quantity to prepare: approx. 30 pcs (4 pcs per days). 

In the last few days, you can use ultra thin maternity pads to get more comfort. You can also use try panty liners that are absorbent, such as this item:

Quantity to prepare: approx. 20 pcs (4 pcs per days).