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Global Innovation Trend Of Disposable Hygiene Products
Sep 12, 2018

Global Innovation Trend of Disposable Hygiene Products

According to Euromonitor, the retail sales of the global market for disposable sanitary products reached 93.2 billion US dollars in 2017. The largest proportion of disposable sanitary products in the world is baby diapers, accounting for about 46% of the total. Although the proportion of adult diapers is the smallest, it is expected that the future growth rate will be the fastest. The main reason for the rapid growth of adult diapers is global aging.  For disposable hygiene products, innovation helps to push sales growth and promote the development of the whole industry. 

Disposable income directly affects the purchasing power of disposable health products all over the world. With the rise of economic level, the market has great potential; Product innovation needs to focus on cost-effectiveness, so as to meet the needs of low-income consumer groups. 

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