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Foreign Sanitary Napkins Making Discount?
Jul 07, 2016

With the "38" women's day approaching, the Tin female product wars of the city's major supermarkets recently started to kick in. Among them, the sanitary napkin "38" shoulders "Vanguard" role. Sanitary towel wars this year, imported brands price war coming, many brands for the market at break 50 percent low discount. But reporters found that some imported brands of sanitary napkins production dates marked only one encoding, if there are no professionals explain consumers is hard to understand. Age decides to sanitary napkins the main factor in the price level.

Partial Ocean sanitary napkin sales annual growth 50%

Yaohan, parkson Huacheng supermarkets such as shopping malls,, red bean, from Canada, and Korea, and Japan, and Finland, Yang sanitary towels are almost all of the country accounted for more than half. According to the supermarket clerk said, Japan's Kao, cherry love, Korea Ben, en Chicago, your love of mother, Canada ashana are women's favorite brands in Wuxi. Especially Korea imported sanitary pads are relatively cheap to buy customers account for the majority of.

Imported brands prices several times higher than domestic brands. In daily sanitary napkins, for example, dimensional, Kao brands price average is five or six Yuan, while most domestic brands are not more than 1 Yuan. Although the price of imported sanitary napkin is made of five or six times, but already has a cult following. This reporter has learned, some foreign brands in annual sales growth rate of up to 50%. "Basic are repeat customers, the customers are less likely to use domestic brand. "A sales person, many import brands the main selling-point was" organic cotton ", does not contain fluorescent agents, did not stimulate the skin, more comfortable and safe to use.

Reporter interview a few women, most say security is more important than any other aspect of the sanitary napkins. Price, most people think that this is not the most important thing to consider.