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Do You Need To Wash Your Baby's Ass Every Time You Change Your Diaper?
Oct 25, 2018

In fact, for every baby to change the diaper over-cleaning problem, many treasure moms are controversial: if you don't wash, your baby's small butt will be especially sticky, but after washing, it is easy to appear red ass. This is how to do? In fact, for parents, it is not a problem to clean, but after cleaning, you should never wipe it, but also give your baby a good skin care, such as applying a little diaper cream or nursing oil. This can also play a role in protecting the baby's butt, to a certain extent, don't forget to do it.

In addition to washing your butt, when you change your baby's diaper, there are 3 small details that are most likely to hurt your baby. Mother should pay special attention to:

1, the baby's feet are raised too high

When changing diapers for the baby, many parents will unconsciously raise the baby's legs very high, which is very convenient for changing diapers, but for small babies, the harm is really great, especially every day. To do this several times, the baby's spine will be more hurt in the long run. For parents, this must be taken care of, not to be taken lightly.

2, red butt still use paper towels

Whether it is to clean the baby too much, or the quality of the diaper is not good, or the diaper does not change for a long time, this situation may cause the baby red ass symptoms, and the baby has appeared red fart After the fart, if the parents still use the paper towel to wipe the baby, it will not only relieve the effect of the red butt, but also may make the condition worse, so that the baby will suffer more pain. The correct cleaning method should be to wash the baby with clean water first, then gently dry it with a soft cotton cloth, do not use excessive force, and then give the baby skin care and maintenance.

3. Pull out the diaper when you are not finished with urine.

As a treasure mom, I may have experienced such a thing: once I find that the baby is urinating, I will immediately replace the diaper or diaper, and wait until you have just finished the change, but the baby will then pee, many parents Both have a headache. In fact, this is not a baby's problem, but it may be that you are too anxious, because when you just discovered, the baby is actually not finished with urine. In this case, the parents still have to wait patiently for a while, etc. It’s not too late for the baby to finish all the urine.

Raising a child is not a one-off thing. It also requires parents to slowly explore. For example, it is a small matter to wash the children’s ass. It is because we have improperly cleaned the children or washed too often, which causes the baby to appear red now. There are more and more things in the ass, which will not only cause great damage to the baby, but also the parents will feel distressed when they see the baby’s red butt. In order to prevent this from happening, parents are in their normal life. Still need to know more about parenting knowledge and prepare for your child's health. What do you say?