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Diaper The First Challenge
Jul 07, 2016

Pampers Baby has always been committed to in the world's top skin care experience, through continuous product development and innovation, and in ensuring the diaper has a strong absorption at the same time, to bring babies dry experience, do real "thin dry."

This time, pampers for the Chinese mothers, mothers who witnessed the magic of Pampers diapers. With the traditional "experiment witnessed by" different is that pampers innovation to break through the stereotype, boldly invites moms homemade experiments, through their own experiments to witness strong absorbent pampers.

Pampers hand in hand parenting network, welcomed by the mother of the baby tree mother and child class Authority website, launched the "dry challenge", called on the mothers themselves diaper comparison test for water absorption of the person, and encourages moms to experiment with graphic and video release, open and fair sharing of results.

Through the thousands of moms personally test, pampers stand out from the many diapers, worthy of the "dry" diapers. In addition, professional interaction between maternal and child rearing in the hit show, please, Mama, Taiwan famous pediatrician Huang 瑽ning together celebrity MOM on the show scene to a blind taste test, pampers again come to the fore, in plenty of famous mother and audience shared witness, confirmed its strong absorption capacity.

In addition to pampers our mothers personally "dry" feature dads who also joined the Pampers "dry" challenges. New dads song Xiaobo not only conducting the experiment itself, and will also experiment in the form of video to share with you. Once again proved that pampers are real challenges, "dry goods"!