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Chinese Mothers In Japan Purchase Children Wet Wipes
Jul 07, 2016

Wipe your hands with a tissue after eating, is the most basic personal hygiene.

Yesterday, however, the quality supervision Department raided the suburban with wholesale markets and factories, seizing more than 200,000 packets of tissues with serious quality problems. Some of these paper towels made from recycled paper, some heavy use of fluorescent whitening agent, therefore, is not carcinogenic ingredients exceeding excessive bacteria. People are lucky, these health products are not flowing into the hands of ordinary people. But unfortunately, deepened people's distrust of paper products on the market.

A friend who has just become a mum recently went to Japan travel, her shopping list in addition to the traditional rice cooker, toilet seats, Cup, such as "three piece suit", but also there are children with wet tissue paper. She said: "wet tissue paper in direct contact with the child by the hand, I do not trust domestic products! ”

Wet tissue paper is one of the common paper products in daily life, which also entered the sea cut menu list, say that it is an embarrassment. If really to even the most ordinary napkins are also scouring the sea that day, it means health and safety conditions on the market hopelessly true proportions. Tissue safety not "on paper", so now what should I do? First of all, to establish a stringent health and safety standards. Our tissue paper production is "recommended" standard, you must perform the "mandatory" national standards and pitifully low. Appropriate to improve production standards, raising the threshold to control paper product health and safety, easing the anxiety of the people have the most direct effect.

Secondly, the paper product safety there should be no "outside the law". On the outskirts of the wholesale market is often dirty, becoming "black tissue paper" into the market first, this should be strictly banned. Third, punishing the use of dubious social hotel in paper products and other places.

Only by grasping the two links of production and circulation, thin piece of tissue paper can become guardians of the people's health.