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China Nursing Pad (Breast Pad) Industry Standards Began To Be Implemented From July 1st 2017
Jan 04, 2018

China Nursing Pad (Breast Pad) Industry Standards began to be implemented from July 1st 2017

From July 1st 2017, the "QB/T 5049-2017 nursing pads (breast pads)" was formally implemented. This standard is jointly drafted and edited by the National Paper Industry Standardization Technical Committee, China Pulp and Paper Research Institute, and other units. The standard applies to disposable sanitary products such as nursing pads (breast pads) used for the emulsion spillover protection which are designed specifically for breast-feeding women and which compose of surface layer, absorbing layer and leakproof bottom film.

China Nursing Pad (Breast Pad) Industry Standards regulates the quality, test rules, marks, packing, transportation and storage requirements of the nursing pads (breast pads), and it will enable the manufacturers to obtain unified standards and high quality standards in the R&D, manufacturing, quality and logistics aspects. It not only provides quality guarantee and credit guarantee, but also allows consumers to establish their confidence in the product. 

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