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China Has Formally Imposed 5%~10% Tariffs On Pulp, Base Paper And Paper Products From The United States
Oct 12, 2018

China has formally imposed 5%~10% tariffs on pulp, base paper and paper products from the United States.

On September 18, the Office of the State Council Commissioner of Tariffs and Tariffs announced a decision to impose additional tariffs on some $60 billion of imports originating in the United States from 12:01 on September 24, 2018. This is a counter-attack by China following the announcement by the US government of the imposition of tariffs on about $200 billion of imports from China.

The full text of the announcement is as follows:

In accordance with the Notice of the State Council Tariff Committee on the imposition of tariffs on some imported goods (the second batch) originating in the United States (Tax Committee Bulletin No. 6 [2018]), the relevant implementation matters are hereby announced as follows:

1. For goods on the list of goods subject to tariff imposed on the United States and Canada annexed to the Tax Committee's bulletin No. 6 [2018], tariffs will be increased from 12:01 on September 24, 2018, 10% on the 2493 items listed in Annex 1 and 1078 items listed in Annex 2, and 974 items listed in Annex 3 and 662 items listed in Annex 4. Levy a 5% tariff.

Two, other matters shall be implemented according to the Announcement No. 6 [2018] of the Tax Commission.

According to Xinhua, China reiterates that the purpose of the above-mentioned tariff increases is to curb the escalation of trade frictions and is a forced response to unilateralism and trade protectionism on the part of the United States.

China hopes that the United States will stop trade frictions. Through equal, honest and pragmatic dialogue, China and the United States will respect each other, jointly safeguard the overall situation of mutually beneficial and win-win bilateral economic and trade relations, jointly safeguard the principle of free trade and the multilateral trading system, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the world economy.

China has imposed 5%~10% tariffs on all kinds of pulp, base paper and paper products in the United States since September 24, 2018.

It is understood that the impact of this counter measure on pulp and paper industry is pulp products. Twelve types of wood pulp products were included in the list of products to be levied 5%, and the original import tariffs on these products were basically 0. In addition, there are also some wrapping paper, specialty paper and paper products.

The change from August's announcement was that the final tax rate for products that were originally planned to raise taxes by 20-25 per cent was reduced to 10 per cent. Mainly used paper for daily use, special paper, newsprint, some cultural paper, corrugated base paper, carton board and some paper products. The tariffs for these products were mostly between 5% and 7.5%.