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Brand Penetration Of Sanitary Napkins In China
Sep 11, 2018

Brand Penetration of sanitary napkins in China

The definition of brand penetration is the proportion of people who consumed a brand in the past year. At present, the penetration rate of domestic brands was much higher than that of foreign brands in the Chinese sanitary napkin market from 2013 to 2017. the penetration rate of domestic brands was much higher than that of foreign brands. The Chinese consumers preferred sanitary napkins of domestic brands.

Comparing the brand penetration rates of domestic branded and foreign branded sanitary napkins in China's first, second and third tier cities, it is found that the brand penetration rate of domestic brand products in Chinese cities at all levels is higher than that of foreign brands, especially in the second and third tier cities. They were 91.5% and 92.4% respectively. The penetration rate of foreign brands is lower than that of domestic brands, but the trend of development should not be underestimated.

According to the average price of a single piece, sanitary napkins in the market were divided into three categories: 

high-grade: the average price was above 1.5 yuan per piece; 

middle-grade: average 1-1.5 yuan per piece;

economy: average below 1 yuan per piece. 

In terms of use of different grades of sanitary napkins, in 2017, the consumer group who used only high-grade (33%) and mixed high-grade (49%) products reached more than 80% of the total population, most of them were the post 95 and post 00 consumers.

In terms of consumer loyalty, the loyalty to high-grade and economical sanitary napkins increased, while the loyalty to middle-grade sanitary napkins decreased.