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Bostik Adhesive Expands Its Adhesives Business In Japan
Aug 15, 2018

Bostik adhesive expands its adhesives business in Japan

Acomar announced its Bostik-Nitta joint venture to acquire Nitta-Gelatin's industrial adhesive business in Japan and build a world-class adhesive factory in Japan. These measures will enable Bostik to better serve its Japanese customers, such as the booming market for hygienic products and the packaging, labeling, transportation and electronics industries.

Bostik-Nitta, which owns a majority stake in Sino-Bosnian adhesive, will strengthen its adhesive business in the Japanese market through the following two projects: 

- The acquisition of Nitta-Gelatin's industrial adhesive business will help the company accelerate its growth in fast-growing markets such as electronics and automobiles, which will be completed this summer with the approval of the antitrust agency.

- The Bostik-Nitta joint venture will build a world-class adhesive factory in Nara, Japan, to install multiple production lines for the supply of adhesives for the health supplies industry and industrial adhesives. The new plant, which will be put into operation in early 2020, will enable the Bostik-Nitta joint venture to meet the strong growth demand of its Japanese hygiene industry customers, while also strengthening some industrial adhesive product lines.

We use Bostik hotmelt glue for our baby diapers, sanitary pads, panty liners, adult diapers, etc.