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Baby Safety: 8 Major Measures To Prevent Accidental Falls Baby
Aug 29, 2016

Eight major measures to prevent accidental falls baby
According to the " Safe Kids --- China " recently released report: accidental falls are urban children aged 0 to 14 due to accidental injury the third leading cause of death , nonfatal injuries leading cause . But accidental fall so far not been given sufficient attention.

Experts pointed out that the younger the child , the more susceptible to injury from falling , a fall incidence of children under the age of up to 54% ; while the home is the high incidence of child fall injuries locations , particularly in the 1-4 year old survey population, 57.4 % fall at home , so the new parents and the child care 's education is particularly important, can not be taken lightly !

Experts, the following measures can help children as much as possible to avoid accidental falls :
1, in the children's cycling, skating , to prepare protective gear such as helmets and knee pads .
2, the use of non- escape window to be locked or put on the window bar .
3 , the window is not placed chairs, cradles and other furniture.
4, in the baby diaper or clothes, people do not leave the baby , keeping a hand protecting infants.
5 , clearing house risk factors, such as rolled up carpet, exposed wires, and a large balcony railing spacing corridor and so on.
6, in the toilet, wash basin and stairs before nonslip mat.

7 , pay attention to children in the walker with wheels in the security , or other stationary walker instead.
8 , the children are often a venue to check if it is safe , as the ground is flat , etc.