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ABC Kids Expo - October 9 - 11, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV
Aug 11, 2018

ABC Kids Expo - October 9 - 11, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV


ABC Kids Expo (All Baby & Child), founded in March, 2003, is a partnership of juvenile industry manufacturers and retailers organized for the purpose of promoting the children's products industry. 

The main objective and purpose of the corporation is to act as a business league that helps organize and put on trade shows to be held for the benefit of juvenile products manufacturers, specialty store retailers, distributors and manufacturers' representatives of juvenile products. With over 700 exhibitors utilizing 1,600 booths in nearly one million square feet of exhibit space, it is currently one of the fastest growing trade show in the nation and ranks 65 out of the largest trade shows in North America. 


February 10, 2018Deposits Due
April 28, 2018Exhibitor Floorplans Due
May 18, 2018Modern Child® & Naturally Kids® Applications Deadline 

May 31, 2018Final Payments due
October 9-11, 2018

Trade Show

Exhibited catagories and products include the following:

Games: books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, electronic dictionaries, audio-visual products

Game equipment: large-scale game consoles and computer, audio-visual and other related game equipment, school equipment, playground equipment, computer systems

Electronic display system: Baby electronic monitor, electronic thermometer and electronic scale.

Baby Cars and Accessories: Safety Seats and Equipment, Furniture and Accessories, Doors, Stairs, Children's Room Supplies, Lighting and Lamps

Health care products: breast-feeding nipples, bottles, bottle brushes and accessories, diapers and other health care products such as breast pads, nursing pads, maternity pads, postpartum pads, absorbent underpads, baby diapers, baby pull ups, medical disposable underpad, disposable bed pads, baby pull up pants, baby wipes, wet tissue baby, etc. 

Baby toys: Toy clocks, acoustic toys, soft toys, dolls, and electronic toys.

Textiles: bedding, tablecloth, tapestry, carpet, quilt, pillow, infant sleeping bag.

Maternal and infant apparel: all kinds of clothing (mainly 0-12 years old), infant shoes, children's shoes and walking shoes

Food and Health Products: Dairy Products, Convenience, Leisure Food, Fruit Juice and Beverage, Sugar Products, Nutrition and Health Products, Agents and Chains