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4 Years Of Age To Use Toothpaste To Be Cautious
Aug 30, 2016

Now young parents know the importance of child oral health , children learn to brush their teeth early on training . But doctors warn the children brush their teeth is important, but the choice is more important for children 's toothpaste . Parents of young children should be careful to choose toothpaste, especially in children under four years of age is not recommended to use fluoride toothpaste , or likely to cause health risks.

Now available in a wide variety of children's toothpaste dazzling, such as liquid toothpaste, non-fluoride toothpaste, toothpaste and other drugs . How should I choose it ? Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Wenzhou Medical Center for cleaning teeth Lili Zhen physician introduction, the main component of toothpaste detergents, abrasives , toothpaste works by cleaning abrasives to clean the tooth surface plaque , play a polished tooth surface , white teeth, etc. effect. The liquid toothpaste is less abrasive , can not play an effective role in cleaning . Meanwhile, the quality of abrasive toothpaste is to identify the main basis of quality . Different degree of friction modifier in the rough is very different . Suggests that parents give their children a quality selection of fine abrasive toothpaste . The children susceptible caries , the use of fluoride toothpaste is an effective way to combat dental caries . February this year, the formal implementation of the new national standard toothpaste , especially for children fluoride toothpaste request : fluorine content of between 0.05% to 0.11% . So I do not fluoride toothpaste would not achieve the role of prevention of dental caries .

Lili Zhen physician reminders , as toothpastes also contain flavoring agents, preservatives and other chemical substances , if the child is not completely clear when brushing toothpaste residue or SWALLOWED , prone to nausea , vomiting and other symptoms. But if the children will not properly brush your teeth, especially children under 4 years old , swallowing function is not perfect and will not spit out the toothpaste foam completely , some foam could be swallowed easily lead to excessive intake of the body fluorine , resulting in fluorosis .

She suggested for 1-2 year-old children , parents can be sterilized or boiled gauze dipped in warm water to wipe the child's teeth after each meal , before bed time ; 4 years old children, cleaning teeth , parents can choose Some salt water gargle to the child , or brush your teeth with warm water ; 4 to 6 years of age may be used under the guidance of parents of children less irritating special toothpaste , and each amount of toothpaste used in moderation ; older than 7 years children can use fluoride toothpaste.