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Maternity Heavy Flow Pads

Maternity Heavy Flow Pads

Features & Benefits:

Our maternity heavy flow pads are 255mm long, 80mm wide with high absorption for after-delivery care. We use US GP brand fluff pulp and Japan Sumitomo SAP for the product. Our maternity heavy flow pads can effectively avoid infection,are convenient to observe the bleeding amount of lochia and have maximum relief of postpartum pain. 



Product NameSanitary Pads without Wings ST270C
FoldingTri-folded, individually wrapped
Weight +/-0.5g10
Whole Length +/-5mm255
Whole Width +/-3mm80
Core Length +/-3mm195
Core Width +/-3mm70

Main Materials:

Nonwoven topsheet + Tissue Paper + PE wrapping film + PE backsheet film + Silicone Paper + Easy Tape + Hotmelt Adhesive


*Packaging Bag: 10's, 12's, 14's, 16's, 18's, 20's, 24's per bag etc. as per customer requests (printed with customer's own brands/labels).

Also available in loose pads (200's or 500's loose pads per outer carton)

*Outer Carton: 20's per outer or as per customer requests, high quality brown corrugate export cartons.

Also available in transparent master polybags (more loading quantity, less freight on each unit of pad). 

Welcome to send your inquiry. 

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