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which sanitary pads are made of cotton
Aug 13, 2018

which sanitary pads are made of cotton

There is a big difference between ordinary cottony sanitary pads and pure cotton topsheet sanitary pads. 

Ordinary cottony sanitary pads and cotton topsheet sanitary pads are different by touching. Sanitary pads with pure cotton topsheet are softer and have more fiber sense while cottony sanitary pads are much less softer and feel a little slippery. 

In addition, sanitary pads with pure cotton topsheet use cotton fiber as raw material and the product performance is superior to synthetic fiber. For example, The pure cotton sanitary pads produced by Tiico, use high quality 100% pure cotton fabric from Xinjiang province in China. They are soft, natural, hypoallergic and improve the comfort of consumers sensitive skin. Whereas synthetic sanitary pads are less safer for your body and they are a lot cheaper. 

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