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What is the correct way to wear an adult diaper
Nov 20, 2017

What is the correct way to wear an adult diaper? 

First Step:

Lie on the side and spread the diaper on the bed. The end with the sticker tapes is the backside. Open the side far away from the user.

Second Step:

Help the user turn to the right side, open the other side of the diaper, and properly adjust the left and right position to make the diaper located under the body of the user.

Third Step:

Pull one end of the sticker area to the front belly, adjust the upper and lower positions, and the back to the right position, and make sure that the legs are close to the diaper.

Fourth Step:

open the sticker tapes, adjust the sticking position properly to ensure that the diaper fits the body perfectly.

Fifth Step:

Flatten out the leg cuffs and confirm again that the legs and the diaper are gapless and fully fit each other.

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