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what are underpads used for
Nov 20, 2017

What are underpads used for?


What are Underpads?

Underpads are not diapers. A disposable underpad is a disposable sanitary product made of PE film, non-woven fabrics, fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer and other materials, mainly used in hospital surgeries, gynecological examinations, maternal care, child care, paralytic incontinence and women's menstruation periods. The product mainly consists of non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer and PE film.


What kind of people need underpads?

Underpads can be devided into three kinds according to different groups of users: baby underpads, maternity underpads and adult underpads.

Baby underpads are mainly used for newborn babies to isolate urine, so as to ensure that the lower mattress or mattress is not wetted by urine. That’s why baby underpads are also known as “urine separation pads” or “nappy changing liners”. When the baby underpad is wet, it's best to change it immediately to make sure that the baby's bottom is dry.

Maternity underpads are essential supplies of women after giving birth to babies. After the birth of a baby, there will be a large number of lochia outflow everyday in the first half of the month. Sanitary napkins that are used normally in menstruation periods can not meet the general need of maternity care. That’s why the special pads, maternity underpads, are needed. Maternity pads are used from the very beginning of birth giving to the postpartum puerperal hemorrhage and lochia discharge.

Adult underpads are mainly used for patients after surgery, paralyzed persons or persons who have incontinence problems. Adult underpads are easy to change, and will not dirty the mattress.


What are the features of disposable underpads?

The surface of disposable underpads uses soft non-woven fabric which has fast penetration and keeps the skin comfortably dry.  The guide-flow embossing leads the urine to spread around and keep dry. The SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) ensures rapid and effective absorption.

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