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Variety selection
Jul 07, 2016

Women during menstruation, are most vulnerable to damage the sensitive skin. Surveys show that 73% women during menstruation is skin itching, burning pain. This is caused due to the use of airtight pads and, therefore, to spend periods, choose the right sanitary napkin is essential. Sanitary napkins generally absorbed in the surface layer, and the bottom three sections, from these three parts when using materials and consideration.

First, the surface layer to select a mesh surface of funnel-shaped. Surface dry skin without suffering from the humid; funnel-shaped design is better than design, because it is not easy to return.

Second, the middle layer with ventilation, including high performance gel layer as well. Embedded high performance gel layer pads, liquid condensate penetration into a gel-like, compression and no leakage, no sticky feeling on the surface.

Third, the selection made of breathable material at the bottom as well, it allows smooth passage of gaseous water molecules, which discharged the action of moisture, effectively reduce the effect of sanitary napkins and discharge body moisture, effective reduction of sanitary napkins and body wet and hot, dry and fresh feel.

In addition, can also be selected according to the menstrual flow sanitary napkins

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