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Sanitary precautions for use
Jul 07, 2016

Good sanitary towels must be guaranteed their basic premise with no bacteria, pursuit emphatically two things: good absorption and permeability is high, otherwise it may not dry because private parts to create a closed environment causes the bacteria to enter the body. If poor sanitary napkins, probably because the material contains impurities and poor absorption and substantially increase the chance of infection.

Women change sanitary napkins frequently, once every 2-3 hours of traffic for a long time the best, flow when not more than 4-5 hours clean every day even if period vulva, more period the more attention should be paid to clean.

Before replacing, be sure to wash your hands to avoid spreading germs on the hands on the sanitary napkins

Sanitary process

Sanitary napkins from the surface material on the market, can be divided into dry and soft cotton in two ways. How to choose according to personal physical and physiological characteristics, and no small knowledge.

Mesh surface of sanitary napkins was called "perforated film" chemical fiber materials, characterized by rapid water permeability rate, but chemical fiber may increase allergy risk. Cotton mesh is used non-woven cloth, is extracted from the cotton, more natural, soft, suitable for most women.

Sensitive skin should choose cotton soft surface products, prevent allergies and excessive friction. But if you need to travel, by car for a long time, may wish to use the dry surface, accelerated blood absorption to reduce humidity, heat and reduce the risk of infection.

Tampon usage

Built-in tampons menstrual hygiene pads is a place inside the vagina, gently close the vaginal wall, able to absorb all the blood in the body. To prevent leakage, keeping the body clean and dry.

Established by tampon vagina of a confined space, if not time to replace, easy rapid breeding of normal bacteria in the vagina, resulting in infected and inflamed. When blood volume is too small, if not diligent in replacing a tampon, menstrual blood flow would be the case for a long time, resulting in ectopic endometrium of gynecological diseases. If you use should be 2-3 hours change.

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