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Maternity pads for two reasons
Jul 07, 2016

1, the use of maternity pads is the need of comfort: reduce maternal pain. Following the birth, maternal genital mutilation usually have wounds, ordinary sanitary napkin is designed for ordinary women, usually made of synthetic fibres, as containing chemical substances, impurities and fluff, friction coefficient, easy off, easy to produce static electricity easily sensitive to maternal wound irritation, increased maternal pain. Survey found that a week or so after delivery, women prone to depression of the 50%-80%, is an important cause of postpartum maternal depression caused by the wound is too painful. During this period, mothers in addition to 2-4 weeks Lochia, but also shoulder the responsibility of taking care of babies, and hormonal changes, childbirth the panic which makes the mother's physiology and psychology in an unstable state, using a high quality private lying-in woman pads can reduce maternal pain, fragile postpartum most immediate comfort. [1]

2, the use of maternity pads healthy need to: avoid maternal infection. General health towel using chemical fiber made, containing adhesive, and fluorescent brightener, chemical components, very not for maternal height sensitive of skin, easy produced stimulus, caused maternal infection; general health towel absorbent General, easy side leak, and return, cannot should postpartum large Lochia; using process in the, health towel surface wet, and hot, not only makes maternal produced wet wet stick stick not comfortable of feel, maternal discharge of Lochia also contains suitable bacteria quickly breeding of nutrition material, for maternal wound of healing is adverse. Many sanitary napkins for improving the water-resistance, increase thickness of laminated products, but high waterproof performance, breathability and moisture is bad, it is easy to cause skin irritation, causes heat rash, red itchy and so on, is not suitable for postpartum women. Of particular note is that many brands of sanitary napkin does not disinfect cannot achieve complete sterility of hygiene standards. At a sensitive time for women, obviously there are security risks.

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