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Is menstruation the body in detoxification? Is it filthy blood?
Sep 12, 2017

I've really believed this rumor for years. Grow up to know, in the eyes of the expert director of reproductive endocrinology, menstruation has no "detoxification" function.

We can look at the composition of the menstrual table. In addition to blood, there are also endometrial fragments, inflammatory cells, cervical mucus and exfoliated vaginal epithelial cells. You can take everything out to see it:

1.Blood shedding of endometrial bleeding, small vascular rupture, and normal blood veins of our whole body. No matter the amount is more or less, red or dark red, no matter if there are blood clots, it is all just blood. If the bleeding can detox, does it mean that you can live longer by drawing one or two tubes of blood at the hospital from time to time? The hospital does not recognize that though.

2.Endometrial fragments is the shedding of the endometrium. The lining of the uterus is a breeding ground for the unborn, and of course there will be no toxins. Otherwise, should each of us be born on a poisoned bed before we were born?.

3.Inflammatory cells sound a bit scary, but it’s just the name. In fact, in our blood and tissues there is a large number of white blood cells, lymphocytes, etc., and they not inflamed cells. 

4.Cervical mucus and exfoliated vaginal epithelial cells are removed from the channel during menstruation. During menstruation, the cervix of the uterus opens slightly and the blood enters the vagina from the cervix and is expelled from the body.

It can be seen from the above, menstruation neither discharges any toxins, nor has any residual. 

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