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how to select baby diapers
Sep 14, 2018

how to select baby diapers

Mothers need to select the right diapers for your babies at different stages.

For 0~5 months old babies, comfort and softness are the most important. 

Baby diapers need to be breathable and non-stimulating. Newborn baby diapers requirements: light, thin, and breathable. Parents must change diapers in time to avoid diaper rash. 

For 6~12 months old babies, a snug fit is the most important. 

Diapers should be close to the body to prevent leakage.

As the baby gets older and more mobile, he learns to sit alone, lean forward, and wants to play with the toys in your hand. At this point, you have to consider changing his diapers for a better fit.

Try to select diapers with Leakage proof design for your baby.

Try to select diapers with Flexi Tapes design for your baby. This kind of design makes it easy for mothers to adjust the elasticity of their baby's waist size. 

For toddler babies above 13 months, design and tailoring are the most important. Loose and nice-looking diapers are suitable for toddlers. 

When the baby takes the first step to the world, it indicates that his independence and self-consciousness are gradually maturing. Heavy diapers can seriously affect the baby's activities, and too small and tight diapers are likely to wear away the skin inside his thighs. During this period, mothers have to consider the design and tailoring of baby diapers. Mothers can also use baby training pants.   

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