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Development prospects
Jul 07, 2016

Many enterprise just attempts to sex to into wet towel market, and no put it as a completely independent of products category to push, while, due Yu it temporarily also cannot as General tissue market as, became people of necessities, so by overall market of sales, and manufacturers promotion of input and consumers on its of cognitive, many limit, wet towel market away from real of independent market is are exists with must of distance. "But we have to see this spontaneous acceptance of the consumer wipes have matured, do business much, people bought more, wet wipes market faces a great opportunity. ”

Industry forecasts for China's wet markets are in "blowout bedding period" will be a small thing to break the ice and driving the industry's growth. Special period of influenza can become this little thing? Domestic type of wipes are also limited to the ordinary cleaning, type of antibacterial wipes, and the world-especially in North America, Europe and other developed kind of wipes and regions far beyond the national scope of cognition, from surface disinfecting wipes are a widely popular abroad, examples of emerging in the country. Therefore, the wipes market has potential for domestic and international practice. Companies also know that market trends cannot be controlled, wet market, they have to quickly follow up. From this point of view, wipes category market exploded, it's just a matter of time.

Selection tips

Prerequisites for wipe disinfection is to choose the used disinfecting wipes. For many using wipes on the market, most of them ordinary wipes or hygienic wet wipes, which by definition is completely different from disinfecting wipes. Therefore, we must be reasonable the right choice before using wipes, wet wipes under the following let everyone learn professional classifications and how to choose the right kind of wipes.

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