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Construction of sanitary napkins
Jul 07, 2016

Constructed of sanitary napkins, can be divided into surface, absorbent core, bottom

With hot-melt Adhesive bond between each layer.

Surface is part of the direct contact with the skin, its soft, surface texture and indentation can affect the reverse effect of sanitary napkins (dry).

PE playing hole film surface and cotton quality surface is most common of two species material, PE surface plus micro-hole design, can let blood easily back infiltration, let using who has dry of feel, but material more hard, part using who will caused allergy reaction; due to cotton quality absorption force design improved, and playing hole type and composite type material of available, 2001 years Hou of market share gradually above PE surface of health cotton.

Inner layer is mainly cotton, non-woven fabric, paper pulp or more material composites formed of polymer and polymer composite paper to absorb the flow of blood. Side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage because ontology renders an angle and when using tampons, groin and easier flow of friction, so use a soft material to the side of the tampon is favored by women. Tampon gum is impermeable materials, can keep the blood in tampons, in 70-80 's grown out of sticky-back plastic, tampon will be fixed on the panties

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