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baby diapers structure
Sep 14, 2018

baby diapers structure

Baby diapers are usually made up of three main parts: surface layer, absorbing core and bottom layer.

1. Surface Layer

The surface cladding is close to the baby's body, can promote rapid urine penetration and effectively prevent infiltration and at the same time remains dry. At present, most of the disposable baby diapers on the market are basically non-woven fabrics which are breathable, gentle, comfortable without stimulating the baby's skin and can improve the internal permeability of baby diapers and hence effectively reduce the chance of diaper rash.

2. Absorbing Core

This layer is mainly capable of capturing and rapidly absorbing urine, dispersing it or spreading it through the core, and eventually absorbing and storing urine. At present, the absorption core layers of baby diapers in the market are mainly composed of wood pulp ( or called fluff pulp) and super absorbent polymer (SAP).

3. Bottom Layer

Most of the baby diapers we produce nowadays are with cloth-like non woven backsheet which is more comfortable compared with the PE backsheet film used in earlier years. 

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