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Baby diaper products category
Jul 07, 2016

So many diapers on the market today, apart from outside the traditional cloth diapers, diaper, diapers, pad.

1, cloth diapers

Traditional of cloth diaper are used bamboo fiber and cotton material,, especially pure cotton of cloth diaper, pure cotton diaper breathable sex good, economic, and durable, can guarantees baby skin dry; bamboo fiber material of things is hot, bamboo fiber diaper material soft, and breathable sex good, and not off hair, has natural of antibacterial sex, market Shang compared by welcomes of bamboo fiber diaper has: small deer, and cherry baby, and Li baby room, and good children, and help pampers, and combo,;

Yingbaobao baby diaper wet

Yingbaobao baby diaper wet

2, diapers

Diaper disposable diaper. Non woven, paper, cotton, or other material. Children's private and adult-only two. Latest research and development of environmentally friendly diapers that can be recycled, with buckwheat fiber extraction of raw material manufacturing.

3, diapers

Paper diaper is a convenient replacement of disposable products, without washing. Super absorbent core layer using high molecular absorber fluff pulp composite structure, absorb quickly full, effective cohesion and no leakage to ensure that anti-seepage, leakage, let your baby dry and cool at any time.

4, pad

As its name implies, is isolated in the urine, but different from the isolation pad wipes, not every diaper. Isolation pad also called waterproofing sheets, it is two-tier or three-tier, top layer is soft Terry cloth, absorbent strong, bottom is back together with Terry cloth with waterproof breathable membrane, separated urine.

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