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Adult diapers
Jul 07, 2016

Adult diapers are disposable paper categories incontinence supplies, adult care products, mainly suitable for incontinent adults use a disposable diaper. Water absorption of the main performance of adult diapers for, largely depends on the amount of polymer absorbents and fluff pulp.

How to pick

When in the selection of diapers, diaper should be external, picking the right diaper, only in this way can play diapers should play a role.

1: must be suitable for human body. Especially the legs and waist elastic slot cannot be too tight, otherwise it will get hurt. Diaper sizes and sometimes are not necessarily exactly the same, may vary with the different manufacturer brands. Recommended reference number outside of the packaging.

2: leak-proof design prevents leakage of urine. Adult urine more leak-proof design choice of diaper inner thigh raise hem hem and waist, leak-proof, when too much can effectively prevent leakage of urine.

3: better adhesive function. Use stickers to be close to the diapers, and unlock when still reusable diaper after diaper, be sure to take into account individual differences in degree of particularity with sensitive skin, after the diaper in the selection of suitable size, it should also take into account the following aspects:

1: diapers soft, does not cause allergy, skin care ingredients.

2: diapers Super absorbent.

3: select the high permeability of the diaper. When the ambient temperature is increased when skin temperature is hard to control, if not properly revealing the humidity and heat, it is easy to produce hot diaper rash and diaper rash

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