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Potty Training Pants For Toddlers

Potty Training Pants For Toddlers

Potty Training Pants For Toddlers


- Soft U-Shaped high waist softly fits baby's shape.

- Soft and fluffy 3D surface reduces the contact surface with the skin and reduces the baby's burden.

- Breathable back layer quick releases moiture and heat and keeps the baby fresh and dry.


 in poly bags printed with customer logo. (extra cost: mould charge)

MOQ: 1x20ft container per size (approx. 180,000pcs), or 1x40HC container mixed two sizes (approx. 400,000 pcs)

Our main business activity: 

private label manufacturing for sanitary napkins, panty liners, baby diapers, adult diapers, diaper pants, incontinence underpads, breast pads, maternity pads, wet wipes, etc. 

You will derserve all these things if you work with us:

 - Free samples available. 

 - Free packaging designs.

 - Prompt delivery. 

 - Quality assurance (ISO, CE, SGS).

 - Professional team work and communication. 

 - Continuously developed new & innovated products to keep your brand active in the market. 

 - Free shipping assistance. 

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