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Super Absorbent Adult Diapers For Women

Super Absorbent Adult Diapers For Women

super absorbent adult diapers for women

super absorbent adult diapers for women

Product Description:

- Soft material and pull up design looks and feels like regular underwear

- Super absorbent technology for advanced leakage protection

- Total coverage for women with heavy bladder leaks

- Body hugging fabric for protection that stays in place

- Wide fit between the legs lets fluids move away from the skin

Minimum Order Quantity: 1x40HC

Delivery Lead Time: approx. 35 days upon order confirmation

Packing: as per customers requirements

What do we do?

- Provide free packaging designing services when needed, otherwise packaging artwork to be provided by the customer

- Offer OEM / private label manufacturing for buyers. Product will be made with buyer's / buyer's designated logo. 

- We also provide free shipping assistance (by sea / train)

- All materials can be changed to meet clients requirements. For example, topsheet fabric, gsm can be changed; SAP amount, pulp amount, can be changed; packing configuration can be changed, etc. 

Images of super absorbent adult diapers for women: 

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