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Baby Diapers

  • Baby Diapers With Indicator

    Baby Diapers With Indicator

    baby diapers with indicatorRead More
  • Baby Diapers With Designs

    Baby Diapers With Designs

    Features: - Featuring fun cartoon designs (animals, stars, strawberries, ballons, toys, etc), the baby diapers that we make fit babies from 22 to 27 lb. - Four layers of protection absorb moisture quickly, and a quilted liner helps keep baby feeling dry. - Wetness...Read More
  • Elastic Waistband Baby Diapers

    Elastic Waistband Baby Diapers

    elastic waistband baby diapers Product Advantages: - Cotton Soft Cover for baby's tender skin. - Breathable Cover and Backsheet, for maximum comfort. - No Fragrance, to avoid skin irritaion. - High & fast absorption performance. - Elastic Waistband for a snug...Read More
  • Disposable Diapers With Elastic Waist

    Disposable Diapers With Elastic Waist

    disposable diapers with elastic waist Descriptions: - 100% breathable Soft & Dry Cover with Pearl Dots; - Plaint White Nonwoven Frontal Tape; - Full Elastic Waist for a snug & comfortable fit; - S shape closure tabs, Refastenable; - Breathable & clothlike...Read More
  • Wetness Indicator Nappies

    Wetness Indicator Nappies

    wetness indicator nappiesRead More
  • Nappies For Night Time

    Nappies For Night Time

    nappies for night time Features: - Soft non woven fabric: keeps the baby dry and comfortable. - Super Absorbent Core: Japanese SAP & American Pulp. - Wetness Indicator: the design fades away when wet and it tells the mother time to change. - Leg Cuff: SMS non woven...Read More
  • Diapers With Wetness Indicator

    Diapers With Wetness Indicator

    diapers with wetness indicator Product Information: - Elastic waistband fits the baby's abdomen well, adjusts the tightness freely, and ensures free movements. - Soft breathable clothlike backsheet is so breathable and not hot, keeps the baby's skin fresh. - Wetness...Read More
  • Baby Diapers Size 5

    Baby Diapers Size 5

    baby diapers size 5 Features & Benefits: - Drybebe baby diapers size 5 are absorbent diapers for total protection, keeping your baby dry and helping to avoid chafing or rashes. - With Drybebe baby diapers you can rest assured that your little one won't wake up from...Read More
  • Baby Diapers Size 3

    Baby Diapers Size 3

    baby diapers size 3 Features & Benefits: - Wetness Indicator tells you when your baby might need a change. - Unique ADL layer pulls wetness and mess away from your baby's skin. - Soft, Comfortable and the best protection - Diaper Weight Range: 5~10 kgs We offer two...Read More
  • Private Label Baby Diapers

    Private Label Baby Diapers

    private label baby diapers Features & Benefits: 1- hydrophilic nonwoven surface takes good care of the baby's delicate skin. 2- Refastenable tapes allow for secure refastening and are adjustable even when using lotions. 3- Breathable side panels help air to...Read More
  • High Absorbency Baby Diapers

    High Absorbency Baby Diapers

    high absorbency baby diapers Descriptions of our high absorbency baby diapers: 1- Topsheet with hydrophilic non-woven fabric,can prevent rewet and keep the baby's skin dry. 2- Leak Guard with water-proof non-woven material,can avoid side leakage effectively. 3- Front...Read More
  • Baby Diapers Oem

    Baby Diapers Oem

    baby diapers oem Item No.: JJ baby diaper Main Features: Clothlike backsheet, magic tape, excellent absorbency, elastic leg cuffs, cute animal design. Raw Materials: non-woven fabric / SAP / wood pulp / PE film / hotmelt glue / PE tape. Our services: - Free samples are...Read More
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